Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comparing DB2 objects

I had a task to compare 2 db2 schemas, one that we have, and the other one from the client DB

This process can be done manually, by generating script for both databases and comparing the generated script file with any text comparison tools, notepad++ can do this, of course this is not efficient and repeating costs time and effort

It can also be done by tools, I had some db2 tool from IBM, IBM Data Studio, I started looking into it, found it very interesting

You can select any object from the database source explorer, and do right click then select Compare with –> Each other

I was able to do that while selecting 2 tables, or 2 schemas, or 2 databases, seems that you can compare between any objects in the database


The results also looks very nice, organized, detailed


This was perfect, except that you can only export the results as XML, no other options, hope this comes in next releases.

You can download the tool from IBM web site

Then you will be able to compare db2 schemas, compare tables, compare 2 db2 databases, etc.. very easily

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