Thursday, August 2, 2012

jmeter: Adding the same item for several requests

I wanted to add a regular expression extractor to several requests, I was delighted to discover that the jmeter interface is very smart in a way that it understands when you past an object copied from it..

So all I did was to copy for the regular expression extractor, and did a paste on each request I wanted to add this extractor to it.

You can do copy and paste with right click then selecting copy/paste, or you can do it by the keyboard shortcuts, ctrl+c, ctrl+v

I found also that I can do copy/paste for different things, like the HTTP Requests, Recording Controller, etc…

One more thing also that was nice for me, the test plan is saved as a XML file, so when I wanted to modify some value for all my regular expression extractor, I just opened the plan with a text editor and did a Find and Replace for the value I wanted to change, and did a Replace All command, all values was changed with just couple of steps

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