Thursday, July 19, 2012

Recovering files after change to file and folders names to symbols

My camera SD card, after plunging into infected computer, the files on the SD card were not accessible anymore, instead of the files, there was 2 folders, and couple of files with symbolic names.

I tried renaming these files, this wasn’t working

I tried following the instructions here

the attribute command was failing giving an error  ‘the target of the symbolic link does not exist”

I tried to boot with linux live CD, but was not able due to some reasons.

The last thing I tried and it worked with me, followed the below steps:

-Right click on the SD card drive

-Select properties

-Select Tools

-Select Check now, then check the 2 checkboxes


-Click on start

-Wait till it finishes

Check the drive, when I checked the drive, the files with symbolic names are no longer there, and there was a hidden folder called Found.000, inside this folder there were lots of *.CHK files

I opened a command prompt, opened this folder, typed a rename command to rename all .CHK to .JPG

ren *.chk *.jpg

Doing that, I found all the images on the CD card inside the Found.000 folder, and I was able to recover my files, hope this helps anyone who is facing similar problem

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