Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recycling data for performance and automation tests

We had some scripts that performs some functions on our data, mainly change of status. we wanted to repeat the scripts over and over, for the performance testing and automation also.

At the beginning I thought of having a large set of data, and to use from this pool of data, and remove what we use.

Also I thought of having my script steps creating the data at the beginning, and doing the reverse processing at the end of the script, so that it can be used again, this is not always possible with all scripts

Another option I thought of, is to connect to the DB and to get the data on the fly, but this is not always possible and depends on the tool.

Lastly I thought of creating a trigger on the DB, so that when the status changes for example, it is set back as it was.

Al these solutions can be used according to the scenario and the processing that is done on the data.

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