Monday, February 13, 2012

jmeter: Reading results from csv or xml files

I run a couple of tests, saved results to CSV/XML  files. later I was trying to open these files by excel or any editor, I was hoping to analyze the results with excel and draw graphs as I need, but it wasn’t very clear to me when  I opened it by excel, what the values represents, as there was no column headers.

I looked online for some tools to do this job, but couldn’t find any simple ones, finally I remembered that there is a browse button inside the Aggregate Graph sampler, so I added one, browsed to the results file, and I was able to display the results and generate graphs also


The good thing also is that I can copy from the table inside jmeter to excel and I know the label from each column from jmeter

The same also can be applied with summary report, add a summary report sampler to your test, open the csv/xml file, and then you can see the results

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