Friday, April 20, 2018

The reasones why i changed my mac book pro to a windows lapop

Everybody loves MacBooks, i was curious and happy to get a MacBook with touch bar at work, but once i got it, my hate to it started and built up and was increasing day after day.

I finally decided to ex-change it with a windows laptop for the below reasons:

  • Gets very hot most of the time, with just chrome and slack running.
  • Keyboard is awful, key press distance is very little, noisy as well.
  • Touch bar means that i need to do 2 steps for simple tasks like changing the volume or brightness.
  • Touch bar place makes it easy to touch its buttons unintentionally, i found myself touching the mute button or the Siri multiple times when pressing the backspace button.
  • The Siri button is really annoying, i have disabled it and still it comes up with a pop every time it is touched.
  • Touch pad is too big, lots of times my hand was resting on it while i was using it. 
  • I heard it is very stable, but mine was crashing every couple of days. Lots of times i start it to find that it is actually restarting instead of resuming from sleep.
  • Mostly annoying: I need my USB ports, not every thing is Type C. I had a hard drive that i couldn't connect, simply because i left the converter at my office. In addition to USB headphones, etc...
  • OSX lacks lots of simple tasks, coming from a windows. I had to do some tweaks to have some of them. Like: Locking the machine with keyboard shortcut, arranging windows and moving between different screens with keyboard shortcut, Minimising windows, etc...
  • I wasn't able to login multiple time after woking form sleep.
  • Software updates were very frequent and always asking for restart.

What i liked:
  • Display is amazing.
  • Speakers are amazing.
  • Touch pad gestures are nice.

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