Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visual Studio Web test, creating extraction rule

I was creating a web test for a flow, with several forms, I had an ID that I wanted to use later in other requests, that wasn’t detected by the Visual studio parameter automatic linking.

The easiest way to do that

1- I did a run for the recorded scenario

2- I searched for the request that was displaying the ID on the screen

3- I went to the Response tab, where I can see the response html


4- I looked for the ID that I need to extract

5- Select the text that you want to extract, then do a right click and select Add Extraction Rule


After doing so, the web test will be opened and a confirmation will be displayed showing the rule name




If the required text is at the beginning of the line, you might need to add “\n” at the end of the “Starts with”

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