Thursday, October 27, 2011

Testlink–trac integration

We are using testlink for test case management, and using trac for bug tracking, we were looking for integration between the 2 tools.
I found out there is built in support for different bug tracking tool in testlink, all we need to do is just to enable this integration
The integration work like the following, you can link any execution of test case to one or more bugs, and when viewing these tese cases it will show the bug id, bug status, bug summary. Also when displaying reports, same bug information is displayed
To enable the integration:
1- Go to testlink directory, open the file
2- Look for the line:  $g_interface_bugs = 'NO';
3- Change to $g_interface_bugs = 'TRAC';
4- Save and close
To setup the integration with trac
1- Go to cfg folder
2- open the file trac.cfg.php
3- Update the setting with your trac url
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_HOST', 'http://hostURL/trac/');
4- update the mapping between testlink project and trac project
$g_interface_bugs_project_name_mapping = array(
    'testlink project name' => 'trac project name'
5- Save and close

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